Wellicious, the ideal clothing to practise Yoga and Pilates

When you choose the clothes you wear every day, you select them by quality, comfort and the ones that make you look pretty. So, why not feeling beautiful and comfortable at the same time whilst practising Yoga or Pilates? With Wellicious this issue is resolved. Wellicious is a clothing brand for Yoga and Pilates and for comfortable and glamorous loungewear. Its fabrics are first class quality, they are eco-friendly and feminine, and as if this wouldn’t be enough yet, Wellicious surprises you every season with new designs for your Yoga and Pilates practise. Each piece of Wellicious is the perfect combination of a basic style with a elegant and sexy touch. As there is so much choice, it could get hard to decide between long pants, ¾ pants, t-shirts, tops etc. Additionally, Wellicious treats every single piece as it is a jewel, giving it a special touch that makes it different from all others. But what makes Wellicious the perfect clothing brand is the fact that you can use every single piece during your Yoga and Pilates practise as well as casual street wear. Take a look on the latest collection of wonderful Yoga and Pilates clothing. Meanwhile, we are already working on the new Wellicious collection 2012, and if there is anything I can assure: you will be speechless by its beauty, quality and style. Irune
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