• Does something called a ‘Yoga Wheel’ sound familiar to you?

    Well, a few months ago here in Spain, we weren’t sure what it was either; however, the Yoga Wheel is finally arriving to the peninsula, and it’s coming in at full force. Okay, great. So now we know that such a thing as a ‘Yoga Wheel’ exists, but that doesn’t take away our doubt of what is it used for. So without further ado,...
  • How to Choose the Best Yoga Mat

    With so many types of yoga mats to choose from, it can be a little difficult to decide which is the best one for your practice and your pocket. The good news is that YogaYe has yoga mats for every person, every type of yoga and every occasion. So let us help you choose the best yoga mat for you! First of all consider...
  • Wellicious, the ideal clothing to practise Yoga and Pilates

    When you choose the clothes you wear every day, you select them by quality, comfort and the ones that make you look pretty. So, why not feeling beautiful and comfortable at the same time whilst practising Yoga or Pilates? With Wellicious this issue is resolved. Wellicious is a clothing brand for Yoga and Pilates and for comfortable and glamorous loungewear. Its fabrics are first...
  • Hari Tea, green tea for the soul

    For thousands of years, every culture has a wise person in charge of extracting and blending the healing qualities of plants, herbs and spices. To find this wise people you had to go looking into the caves and mountains to reach them. At present there is no need to travel long distances in their search, you can enjoy and benefit from their ancient treasures...
  • Our new store in Woki Gràcia/ Barcelona

    We are very pleased to announce that now you can get our YogaYe products in the Bio supermarket Woki in Gràcia, Barcelona. The Woki is an innovative and sustainable local cuisine, which fuses a take-out establishment with a bio supermarket with all kinds of organic products. Woki’s specialty, as its name suggests, are their exquisite woks prepared with fresh and healthy products, and variety...
  • The shop opening is getting closer!

    Today is an exciting day for us - our first products have arrived! We selected the products carefully to provide you the best support for your yoga practise and we hope you will love the products as much as we do. So stay tuned, we will launch in few weeks. Namaste, The YogaYe team
  • Welcome to our new YogaYe blog!

    The online shop for yoga gear and accessories - from yogis for yogis and those who want to become yogis. We are looking forward to reading comments, feedback and new ideas from you! Namaste, The YogaYe team.
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