• La cocina ayurvédica: los mejores alimentos según tu dosha

    La cocina ayurvédica: los mejores alimentos según tu dosha

    Los doshas son diferentes combinaciones de las energías primarias: tierra, aire, agua, fuego y éter. Partiendo de que la comida es energía y nosotros también, la dieta ayurvédica se basa en favorecer y balancear los doshas de la persona a través de alimentos o tipos de comida específicos. ¡Lee más en este artículo!
  • What is Pilates?

    Pilates is every time a more popular exercise method through all Europe and United States. It’s the result of an eclectic combination of various disciplines such as Yoga and Martial Arts. But what is Pilates and what are the benefits? Pilates, known also as Physical Mind method or Contrology, is a series of nonimpact exercises designed to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and inner awareness,...
  • Hari Tea, green tea for the soul

    For thousands of years, every culture has a wise person in charge of extracting and blending the healing qualities of plants, herbs and spices. To find this wise people you had to go looking into the caves and mountains to reach them. At present there is no need to travel long distances in their search, you can enjoy and benefit from their ancient treasures...
  • Yoga Diet: Eat The Right Food To Nurture Your Spirit

    Yoga Diet (Anna Yoga) is an essential aspect of your daily yoga practice and is one of the Five Principles of Yoga. In order to fully benefit from what Yoga has to offer, you need to nourish your mind and your body to keep you alert and energized throughout the day and attain emotional and spiritual balance by redefining your relationship with food. In...
  • Creating a Space for Yoga at Home

    Enjoying the solace and protection of practising Yoga in a studio, under the ennobled care of a teacher, can become a sanctuary which a lot of us discover can be difficult to leave behind. Going to the studio is often the equivalent of walking into a castle monastery and not having to worry that its gates will be breached. This safety net gives you...
  • Welcome to our new YogaYe blog!

    The online shop for yoga gear and accessories - from yogis for yogis and those who want to become yogis. We are looking forward to reading comments, feedback and new ideas from you! Namaste, The YogaYe team.
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