How to Choose the Best Yoga Mat

With so many types of yoga mats to choose from, it can be a little difficult to decide which is the best one for your practice and your pocket. The good news is that YogaYe has yoga mats for every person, every type of yoga and every occasion. choose the best yoga mat So let us help you choose the best yoga mat for you! First of all consider your priorities:
  • Are you a beginner and want good for value for your money right now?
  • Do you practice a “sweaty” style of yoga such as Ashtanga Vinyasa or Hot yoga?
  • Is the environment at the top of your list when selecting a yoga mat?
  • Do you need padding for your joints or prefer a harder and more table surface?
  • Are you looking for a yoga mat that is easy to carry around and even to travel with?
  • Do you practice every day and need a durable yoga mat?
With all this in mind, let's take a look at our options. THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY: the Bodhi Yoga Mat. This is a very good all-round sticky mat with reasonable grip. It is 4 mm thick and offers cushioning to protect your joins while still being light enough to be carried around. The ideal mat if you are new to yoga. It comes in five colours. Price: €13.90 bodhi yoga matFOR DURABILITY AND A GOOD GRIP: the Rishikesh Premium Yoga Mat. This mat will provide stability and safety during any demanding yoga style, as well as good cushioning with its 4.5 mm. It is made from PVC (tested for harmful substances) and is hand and machine washable. It comes in four colours with two handy elastic straps for easy keeping. Price: €19.90. rishikesh yoga matWHEN TRAVELLING AND WHILE ON THE GO: the Kailash Yoga Mat. With similar characteristics to the Rishikesh mat, the Kailash is 3 mm thin, keeps you closer to the Earth and is easy to fold and pack. Price: €17.90. kailash yoga matKIND ON THE ENVIRONMENT AND ON YOUR POCKET: the Salamantra Eco Yoga Mat. This is our new ecofriendly and economic yoga mat choice. Made in Spain from 100% natural latex, it is also 100% biodegradable. Its soft to the touch surface absorbs transpiration and provide excellent grip for “sweaty” yoga styles. Since both sides of the mat are identical, you can turn it around when one side is wet and keep going. Price: €39.90 salamantra eco yoga mat THE "SUPERSTAR" OF YOGA MATS: the Jade Yoga Mat. Everything you ever wanted from a yoga mat! The Jade integrates the perfect balance between traction and cushion, it is made with ecofriendly materials and is available in standard, extra-long and travelling models. The best slip-resistant mat on the market is made with natural rubber in the US, and a tree is planted for each mat sold. Prices: from €69.90 to €79.90 jade yoga mat FOR HOT YOGA: the Power Yoga Set. This set combines a Bodhi mat and a yoga mat micro-fibre towel with anti-slip silicone dots on one side. It comes in orange and green. Price: €39.90 Power Yoga SetPlease visit YOGAYE'S RANGE OF YOGA MATS for more details and other products like our 30m yoga mat rolls. If you are still not sure which yoga mat would suit you best, just give us a call (Tel. 93 513 11 95) and we will be happy to help you find the best yoga mat for you.
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