Zafu Rondo ECO ¨Flower of Life¨

Zafu Rondo ECO ¨Flower of Life¨


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This zafu is a real pleasure! The round zafu "Flower of Life" provides stability and support during Yoga or meditation and its beautiful embroidered design makes it a very special zafu. It is perfect for your knees and ankles during sitting meditation and helps to enjoy a deeper and more relaxed meditation.

Size: 30 cm diameter
Thickness: 13 cm
Weight: 2,5 kg
Filling: 100% spelt hull


Our zafu "Flower of Life" is a very personal zafu of superior quality. The embroidered "Flower of Life" on the top makes this zafu your perfect partner in different Yoga asanas (postures) or as a comfortable pillow at home or in the office. Due to its nice and energetic design, this zafu connects you perfectly with Mother Nature.

The Flower of Life is a sacred symbol in many cultures. 19 concentric circles form this ancestral icon that represents the construction of the universe and a metaphor of the connection of life and spirit within this universe. The high-quality cover (with insert of untreated cotton) of this zafu is removable and can easily be placed in the washing machine. It also comes with a handy loop to carry it easily to your Yoga or meditation class. The spelt hull filling adapts well to the body, provides support at the same time and helps to improve meditation.

The round zafu "Flower of Life" has a special ergonomic design that allows an improved spine alignment and corrects height for a comfier and deeper meditation experience. It is a real pleasure!

Material of the round zafu "Flower of Life":
Cover 100% cotton - removable with zipper
Filling 100% spelt hull

Care instructions:
The cover is hand and machine washable at 40°C.

Estos interesantes zafus son desenfundables, pudiendo también lavarse a máquina la funda exterior. La funda de algodón sin tratar viene con un asa para llevarlo fácilmente a tu clase de yoga y meditación. Los zafus incrementan la meditación, su relleno con cáscaras de espelta no sólo te proporciona firmeza y apoyo, sino que además hace de tus zafus unos cojínes de gran calidad.

Estos zafus también tienen un diseño ergonómico y permite la alineación de la espina dorsal para una experiencia de meditación más cómoda y profunda. ¡Estos zafus son una auténtica delicia!

Material del zafu redondo “Flor de la Vida”
Fundas: 100% algodón - extraíble con cremallera
Relleno: 100% cáscara de espelta

Instrucciones para su cuidado:
La funda exterior se puede lavar a máquina a 40º C o a mano

Si prefieres un diseño más sencillo sin bordado, nuestra selección ECO ofrece el Zafu Rondo ECO, entre muchos más.

Colour Aubergine

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