Yoga Set "You're Perfect"

Yoga Set "You're Perfect"

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The Yoga Set “You're Perfect” offers the essential allies for a deep and accurate practice, replenishing the demanding yogi with the key tools to go further in the asanas.
This yoga set consists of the YogaYe Pro Mat, made in Germany under eco-friendly standards, a white Yoga Belt, two Cork Yoga Bricks and our YogaYe Bag.


Both for the beginner and for the advanced, the Yoga Set “You're Perfect” has the professional materials that you need to perform in a full and profound execution.

 Recommended by many studios, the YogaYe Pro Mat is a resistant and non-slippery mat with which you will feel stable and firm during the most complex poses.

This yoga set also comes with our YogaYe Bag made of 100% cotton, so you can carry and protect your mat in a comfortable and simple way.

The Yoga Belt in color white will provide the tension you need, allowing you to go deeper and to hold the poses for longer. If to this you add the use of two Yoga Cork Bricks, the yoga practice will be even superior: the use of yoga bricks is very recommended by yoga professionals since it supports the body and helps readjust your alignment in many yoga poses. The use of two bricks (one for each hand or stacked) will give you more support and a bigger range in the performance of the pose. Know more about our Yoga Cork Brick and its purpose in our blog.

If you want to take your yoga experience to a deeper and more challenging level, the Set “You're Perfect” has all you need to do it with harmony and accuracy. Plus, you will be saving 5,90€.

You want to add meditation to your yoga experience? Check our Yoga Set "Wonderful" since it includes the comfy Round Classic Zafu in color burgundy, plus many other excellent accessories.

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