Yoga Set "Wonderful"

Yoga Set "Wonderful"

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Give yourself a super treat with this complete set!
The Yoga Set "Wonderful" is the most complete set you can get. Containing one of the most durable mats of the yoga scene and one of the first PVC mats to be caring for the planet: our YogaYe Pro Mat 4,5 mm (in burgundy color). It also has de City Deluxe Yoga Bag in dark blue, our Round Classic Zafu in burgundy, a white Yoga Belt and our YogaYe Cork Brick.

This yoga set simply has the best allies for the greatest experience!




Looking for a top present for a loved yogi of yours or for your-loved-self? This set is the answer: a complete assortment of yoga accessories that will make you enjoy of an absolute and rich yoga practice.

Flow on our YogaYe Pro Mat 4,5 mm: a mat with great durability, cushioning and grip. This set also has the most popular props to evolve, go deep and attain all the benefits of the yoga asanas: a Yoga Belt in color white and our Yoga Cork Brick.
The Yoga Set "Wonderful" comes with the City Deluxe Yoga Bag so you can take your YogaYe Pro Mat with you wherever you want. It’s very comfortable since it has the space to fit all your belongings such as the towel, the keys, a snack, etc.

¡And this isn’t all! For your meditation sessions or to just simply sit placidly on the floor, this yoga set comes with the Round Classic Zafu. This zafu cushion is soft with knees and ankles, allowing you to enter in a long meditative state. It also helps hips and legs to relax, producing a pelvic inclination that will readjust your vertebra.
We have other yoga sets that also include a meditation cushion like the Set “Shanti” and the Set “Flow”.

Who receives the Yoga Set "Wonderful" will enjoy of an absolute all-level yoga experience. This set is a super gift!
And you will save 14,20€.



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