“Mi diario de yoga” by Xuan-Lan - NEW EDITION

“Mi diario de yoga” by Xuan-Lan - NEW EDITION


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A four week yoga plan that will change your life.

After the sales sucess of Mi Diario de Yoga and the international recognition of Xuan-Lan, arrives the new updated edition of the book. This new edition is full of extra content (yoga insights, different styles, testimonials, playlists, essential mantras...) that will help you to integrate her four week method in your routine in an even easier way.

In less than a month, you will count on all the tools to attain balance between body and mind, while you also develop a strong and healthy body.

New edition, reviewed and updated
Grijalbo Ilustrados, june 2020
Soft cover: 256 pages



Xuan-Lan has great influence in social media and has become a growing role model in the practice of yoga at home. Mi Diario de Yoga has been and still is a bestseller: with 25.000 sold copies it has become a book of reference for practicing yoga at home.

These are the reasons that have brought Xuan-Lan to publish this updated edition full of new content.

As an expert in yoga and wellbeing, Xuan-Lan delves into the benefits of yoga practice in a very clear and precise way. The result is a 28 day plan in wich she proposes a practical and easy method of introduction to dinamic yoga that includes more than 70 body poses, 4 complete yoga sequences and 7 breathing exercises with meditation tips and techniques.

This book will help you in a very easy way to integrate the art and principles of this millenary practice so you can turn it into a life-style and a philosophy that will help you to:

- Introduce yoga in your daily life
- Feel better with yourself
- Develop a strong and healthy body
- Be in harmony with your surroundings

Soft cover: 256 pages
Editor: Grijalbo Ilustrados
Reviewed and updated edition: june 2020
Year of original edition: 2016
Language: Spanish

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