Yoga Set "Namasté"

Yoga Set "Namasté"

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Achieve spirituality and wisdom within thanks to this elegant yoga set in purple hues.
The YogaYe Pro Mat 4,5 mm provides the yogi a great experience due to its remarkable durability, shock-absorbance and non-slippery properties.
The Zafu “Flower of Life” accompanies you in a comfy meditative immersion and the Eye Pillow is a delight to release tension, stimulate circulation and relax your face muscles.

This set is simply an exquisite equation for you inner wellbeing!


The Yoga Set “Namasté” is with no doubt a great choice for those who want a good yoga practice and also enjoy of a meditation and restorative journey.

The YogaYe Pro Mat 4,5 mm is a mat that meets all the needs of a yogi in terms of quality: excellent grip, great cushioning, long-lasting life span and created throughout a process that is environmentally friendly.
This yoga set comes with a very special zafu. The Zafu “Flower of Life” has a golden embroidery of an ancient pattern that symbolizes the union of universe.This zafu of great quality and natural spelt hulls filling will support you during some yoga poses and also during your meditation.
And for last but not least, the therapeutical Eye Pillow in colour purple is a delight for relaxation and to release all tension in the face muscles. It’s also great to use after cooling in the freezer, reducing puffiness and eyestrain.

With the refined Yoga Set “Namasté” you will save 7,80€ and you will find peace in many levels. Plus, the blend of purple tones is simply irresistible!

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