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Yoga Set "Nature Deluxe"

Yoga Set "Nature Deluxe"

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The ultimate in natural beauty the “Nature Deluxe” yoga set is a pleasure to behold, and earthy enough to ground your meditation and yoga experience. Created in natural colours and materials this yoga set comes with: Samurai Eco Mat, white Crescent Zafu, Yoga Cork Brick and a white Yoga Belt.


Our yoga set "Nature Deluxe" is for Yogis who are looking for a set of the purest quality and who are conscious of the environment. The yoga set "Nature Deluxe" has everything you need for practising your active and dynamic yoga asanas (positions).

This set contains our 100% natural Samurai rubber mat, the white Crescent Zafu, our Yoga Cork Brick and a 100% cotton yoga belt. The superior quality, non-slip yoga mat provides cushioning on a hard floor and helps you define your space.

The Samurai Yoga Mat does not only have excellent cushioning but also does not stretch. Try it - it just feels so natural! It will also help you improve balance and co-ordination, enabling greater stability when adopting any number of yoga asanas (poses). Perfect for slow asanas or faster paced poses this comfortable and durable mat is as good as it gets.
The white Crescent Zafu will cradle you and give your legs support, helping your posture and adjusting your Sacral tilt-deepening your meditation or Yoga experience.
Used in numerous standing and seated asanas (postures) to provide lift or grounding, the all-natural cork brick is a safer and lighter alternative to the traditional wooden brick. Because the cork does not distort under your bodyweight, and does not damage floors it is the ultimate brick for the beginner and serious Yogi alike.
The white Yoga Belt is made from natural fibres and is an excellent 'assistant' in yoga. It will allow parts of your body to stretch into each other, and help you to develop a stronger positioning and proper alignment in your yoga postures. The yoga belt will also help you to stretch safely and increase your mobility, so you can reach for the sun.

Connect to the pure nature of mother earth by indulging your love of yoga with this great four piece set.
Save 12,30 € with the yoga set "Nature Deluxe".

Colour Natural

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