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"Yoga para mi bienestar" and YogaYe Pro Mat

"Yoga para mi bienestar" and YogaYe Pro Mat

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This is the perfect set as a Christmas gift for your beloved ones. It consists of the new book (translated title):

“Yoga for my wellbeing: I listen to myself, I take care of myself, I love myself”, by the well-known yoga teacher Xuan-Luan and our YogaYe Pro Mat 4,5 mm in colour blue, which she highly recommends because of its durability and excellent traction.




The new book by Xuan Luan “Yoga para mi bienestar” proposes a holistic path, easy and practical that will help you to achieve your inner wellbeing.

She shares healthy lifestyle advice, based on her wide journey as a yoga and wellbeing expert.
In this book, Xuan Lan also emphasizes in the benefits of yoga practice, reason why we’ve added our YogaYe Pro Mat 4,5 mm to this enlightening set so that you can get into the wonders of yoga at a theoretical and practical level.

You will also get to know the principles of this millenary philosophy, providing you with the guidelines for a bountiful and balanced life.

Furthermore, she has included delicious and easy recipes, with a playlist of her favourite songs that will help you enjoy of a healthy lifestyle and attain the perfect balance between body, mind and spirit.

Divided in 3 stages (in 15 chapters), you can make your own way through the book, at your own rythm, finding yourself closer to a state of deep harmony.
1st stage: Observe, listen and reconnect with your own self
2nd stage: Clean, heal and reset
3rd stage: Enjoy, go deeper and share

Each chapter proposes a yoga and meditation practice that you can do at home, together with the 15 videos that will be available for free on Xuan Luan’s YouTube channel.

Soft cover
256 pages

Editor: GRIJALBO ILUSTRADOS, First Edition (22 november 2018)

If you would prefer your YogaYe Pro Mat 4,5 mm in any other of our available colours, please send us an email indicating the colour.

Material PVC
Thickness 4,5 mm

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