Liforme Yoga Mat

Liforme Yoga Mat


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The revolutionary Liforme Yoga Mat is now in our shop, considered the grippiest of the market as its absorbent properties make it dry by the instant, maintaining at all times a sticky surface even in the sweatiest of sessions.
Each Liforme Yoga Mat is created sustainably throughout all the process and it incorporates an exclusive alignment design: a combination of intelligent markers that help readjust your asanas.

Material: Natural rubber and eco-polyurethane
Size: 185 cm x 68 cm
Thickness: 4,2 mm
Weight: 2,5 kg

It also includes a practical Liforme bag with adjustable straps to transport the mat wherever you like.

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In YogaYe we have the honor to bring to Spain and incorporate in our offer the most revolutionary yoga mat in terms of features and yogi desires.
The Liforme Yoga Mat responds to one of the biggest concerns of the yogi and that is to not slip out in a Downward Facing Dog. Liforme Mats have an open cell structure on the top surface, meaning moisture is absorbed quickly and can evaporate easily, keeping your mat super grippy and your practice safe and steady, even during an extra sweaty practice.
The dimensions of this mat are bigger than usual, providing that extra of space and freedom that you need during your pratice.

Another matter that concerns most of the yogis when choosing a mat is for it to be as kind as possible with the mother earth and also kind with the body. The Liforme Yoga Mat is PVC-free and made with non-toxic materials. Specially engineered with a top layer of ecological polyurethane and a cushioned natural rubber base, joined thanks to a revolutionary heat-bonding process that avoids the use of toxic glues. ¿The best news for the planet? The Liforme Yoga Mat is totally biodegradable in about one to five years in normal landfill conditions.

And to cap it all this excellent yoga mat has an unique alignment system designed on the surface, precision-etched and not printed with harmful inks. The intelligent combination of master lines work as a navigational tool during your practice, giving you as much, or as little, guidance as you need.
And if you want to take your mat somewhere, don’t worry! It comes with a practical bag with adjustable for free, easy-access opening and air holes to let your mat breathe after a sweaty practice.

Material of the Liforme Yoga Mat:
The base layer is made of a high quality natural rubber while the top layer is made with an unique and proprietary specially engineered form of ecological polyurethane. In all, the mat is totally biodegradable and produced under sustainable premises.
A recent study from a leading polymer expert concluded that the Liforme materials are completely non-toxic and that when disposed at the end of their useful life-cycle they will break down in normal landfill conditions within one to five years, as opposed to other PVC mats with dangerous issues of toxicity and biodegradability.
For yogis with latex allergy we recommend you take precaution and check with your doctor the extent of your allergy, since only the bottom layer of the mat is made from natural rubber, and natural rubber does contain latex.

Care instructions:
Mix a drop of dish soap with abundant water and clean the mat with a soft sponge that is damp but not soaking wet. It’s recommended to do this every 5 to 10 practices, but if you practice in sweaty conditions and feel like cleaning it more often we want to remember that over-cleaning or using abrasive products will wear the materials faster. Avoid using mat cleaner sprays or essentials oils as they can harm the mat. Also avoid practicing on the mat with freshly applied oil or cream since it can stain the mat.
After every use, make sure your mat dries completely and try to not leave it in the sun for too long periods of time.
Roll it up with the top side on the outside when you want to store it. It’s been designed to be rolled this way so it spreads out nicely every time you are going to use it.

Besides the complete and revolutionary Liforme Yoga Mat, we invite you to check our other planet-friendly options out like the Yoga Mat EcoPro or the Jade Harmony Pro.

Length 185 cm
Thickness 4,2 mm
Manufacturer Liforme

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