Phoenix Yoga Mat

Phoenix Yoga Mat


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The Phoenix Mat is your reliable partner during intense yoga practices. While many mats get slippery on the surface as hand and feet get sweaty, the Phoenix mat stays super grippy at all times. Made with natural rubber and a smooth layer of polyurethane, it's available in 4 beautiful colours with decorative designs that are used as an alignment guide during your asanas.

Material: Natural rubber and polyurethane
Size: 185 x 66 cm
Thickness: 4 mm
Weight: 2,5 kg


The bottom layer is made with a natural rubber base that allows the mat to stick very well to the floor, providing confidence to the yogi while executing challenging asanas (jumps, head stands, balance poses). The top part is covered with a soft polyurethane layer. Feeling smooth and pleasant to the touch, it is also a very abrasion resistant material with an open cell structure that offers incomparable anti-slip properties, even when wet in sweat.
For this reason it’s highly recommended for yoga styles like Ashtanga that require great precision and loads of grip from the mat and also for those yogis who don’t find enough grip in regular PVC mats.

To practice on a yoga mat that is planet-friendly is also a necessary choice, and it’s totally possible! The Phoenix Mat is made with renewable resources and it has been proved that polyurethane (PU) can biodegrade in normal landfill conditions.

The Phoenix Mat in colours green and black present an engraved yantra inside a mandala and a circle, respectively. Yantras are a sacred geometry pattern and their centre point (bindu) symbolises the origin, the unity and the power of manifestation. The Phoenix mat in colour blue also as a sacred yantra, framed in a tribal leaf design. The bindu  marks the centre of the mat that together with the central line act as a navigational compass for your body alignment while executing asanas.
The pink Phoenix mat has a linear flower of life. This symbol is an ancient geometry that represents the interconnection of life and symbolises the source of all creation. The lines create the master guides to help you align the body throughout the practice.

We have other natural rubber mats with PU like the well-known Liforme Mat and our latest novelty: the Yoga Cork Mat, which offers irresistible properties!

Material of the Phoenix Yoga Mat:
Besides the attractive design and colour, the Phoenix mat is respectful with the environment and your health. Made of 100% natural rubber with polyurethane coating. Free of latex, AZO dyes, DOP softeners and heavy metals and 6P free.

Care instructions:
It is important to know that polyurethane tends to change color when it comes into contact with moisture, and may create areas on the mat that are darker. This can also happen It can during the production of the mat. Anyhow, this does not in any way affect the functionality of the mat. 
We recommend wiping the mat after a sweaty yoga practice with a damp cloth. Roll the mat only when it’s dry. Don’t use alcohol-based cleaning agents on the PU coating.

Thickness 4 mm

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