Ceramic Neti Pot

Ceramic Neti Pot


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This attractive Ceramic Neti Pot with OM symbol is excellent for effective and lasting sinus irrigation. Its regular use is ideal to prevent, alleviate and heal colds, congestions, infections and even helps to erradicate allergy symptoms in a gentle and natural way. Cleaning in depth the nasal passages, the ceramic neti pot opens your mind and gives energetic benefits to your daily well-being.

Material: Ceramic
Capacity: 250 ml

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The Ceramic Neti Pot is ideal for an effective sinus cleansing. This note neti pot is eco-friendly as it’s made of ceramic and has 250 ml volume. Moreover, the OM symbol painted on its sides and its existence in three beautiful colous, make this nose neti pot an atractive and effective ally to purify your mind. The Ceramic Neti Pot is your practical and daily ally to purifiy your body and mind from pollution, the excess of quimical and toxical elements, damaging environments caused by cleaning products, pesticides, smoke...

Used with assiduity, the nose neti pot counteracts pollution effects, avoiding pathologies that can affect the respiratory tracts aswell as nasal congestions, dryness and irritation, allergies, and even asthma, bronchitis and smoking problems. Using the nose neti pot you can even help to reduce the snoring, bags under the eyes and conjunctivitis, direct consequences of polluted air.

For a less pronounced sinusitis, we recommend the use of the nose neti pot made of polythene, because of its lower volume. As its lighter and more resistant, it’s perfect to travel with.

Directly related, the use of the Ceramic Neti Pot stimulates flow and helps to maintain yourself relaxed, clearheaded and so, mentally receptive. For its energetic benefits, the nose neti pot makes it easier to activate the sitxth chakra Ajna, associated to the pituitary gland. The sixth chakra, or third eye, opens the mind to tolerance, to learning, and most of all, to intuition.

Ceramic Neti Pot preparation:
Fill the nose neti pot up to the container with templed water, at a temperature between 34 and 38 ºC. Then disolve in it 1,5 or 2 grams of sea salt (that is equal to half a spoonful for each 200 centlitres of water). It’s also very advisable to use Himalayan salt as it’s more pure and contains 84 beneficial oligoelements, gaining effectiveness in the energetical flow.

Ceramic Neti Pot use:
Introduce the end of the Ceramic Neti Pot into one of your nasal ducts, tilt your head to one side, let your mouth open and relaxed, and wait until the water falls from the other duct. Do the same with the other nasal duct. What you have to achieve is that the water comes out in a clean, fluid and constant trickle. At the beginning, the more likely to happen is that the water will drop discontinuously, but you have to be patient untill you see the water coming out properly. When it’s an intense congestion, sinusitis or rinitis, it will be necessary to repeat this exercise at least twice a day, and you will feel how the nose neti pot is gradually unblocking the ducts.

Other recommendations for the Ceramic Neti Pot:
• The effects by using the nose neti pot will be more satisfactory if you use it when you wake up and on an empty stomach. Nevertheless, if what you want is to reduce snoring or insomnia, then you should use the nose neti pot before going to sleep.
• After using the nose neti pot, dedicate some minutes to relax or concentrate, and you will feel with more intensity all the sensations, both respiratory and subjective.
• Rinse and dry after every use. Every two or three weeks, it’s advisable to do a further cleaning, putting the nose neti pot in vinegar for two or three hours.

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