• Hari Tea, green tea for the soul

    For thousands of years, every culture has a wise person in charge of extracting and blending the healing qualities of plants, herbs and spices. To find this wise people you had to go looking into the caves and mountains to reach them. At present there is no need to travel long distances in their search, you can enjoy and benefit from their ancient treasures...
  • Our new store in Woki Gràcia/ Barcelona

    We are very pleased to announce that now you can get our YogaYe products in the Bio supermarket Woki in Gràcia, Barcelona. The Woki is an innovative and sustainable local cuisine, which fuses a take-out establishment with a bio supermarket with all kinds of organic products. Woki’s specialty, as its name suggests, are their exquisite woks prepared with fresh and healthy products, and variety...
  • Reaching for Samadhi—The Yogic Approach

    Samadhi is the highest state of meditation, at which complete unity is reached. It can be attained through many different paths, however, when we talk about the yogic meaning of the word, we are describing the transcendental state of enlightenment. In India if you say "he or she has attained Samadhi", you generally mean that the person has passed away into the next life....
  • Welcome to our new YogaYe blog!

    The online shop for yoga gear and accessories - from yogis for yogis and those who want to become yogis. We are looking forward to reading comments, feedback and new ideas from you! Namaste, The YogaYe team.
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