31 de August 2016

Does something called a ‘Yoga Wheel’ sound familiar to you?

Well, a few months ago here in Spain, we weren’t sure what it was either; however, the Yoga Wheel is finally arriving to the peninsula, and it’s coming in at full force.

Okay, great. So now we know that such a thing as a ‘Yoga Wheel’ exists, but that doesn’t take away our doubt of what is it used for.

El uso del Vayu Yoga Wheel

So without further ado, we present the Vayu Yoga Wheel which will allow you to experience first hand all the benefits that a Yoga Wheel has to offer.

Vayu Yoga Wheel is Barcelona’s Yoga Wheel, handmade within the city limits. It is used to assist in stretching the entirety of the spine and also open the area of the chest, abdomen, hip flexors, and shoulders. The Vayu Yoga Wheel is designed especially to adapt to the contourn of the spine, and the good news is that you don’t have to be a yoga practitioner nor flexible to be able to benefit from it. Vayu Yoga Wheel is made so that everyone – from advanced practitioners all the way to those who are on day one – can benefit from the wheel. Using it regularly can help you to gain flexibility, build strength, and work on balance and mobility, all at the same time.

El uso de la rueda de yoga

In other words, the Vayu Yoga Wheel is a revolutionary yoga prop that won’t stop rolling out surprises, no matter which way you use it.

And how is it that a Yoga Wheel can assist us with so many things? How do you use it?

Well, we don’t want to say that using it is a piece of cake, but basically to reap the most basic benefits of the wheel it is exactly that; a piece of cake.

We can begin to have a healthier spine from our very first moment with the wheel. The only thing that we have to do is stretch ourselves out on top of it, face up, and slightly lifting up the hips, we move back and forth, rolling up and down on the wheel, massaging the entirety of the spine.

¿Qué es la Vayu Yoga Wheel?

It’s a very simple gesture that people of all ages can do. There’s no trick to it at all, and you don’t have to get yourself tied up in a knot trying to figure out how to use it. More than not, you can now easily undo all the knots and muscular tension that you already have.

Think of the Yoga Wheel as a way to undo the endless amount of hours that we spend hunched in front of the computer, looking at our phones, driving, carrying around the kids, etc.

All of the pressure that we put on our backs doing regular common day activities, we can now begin counteracting them through a few simple minutes spent each day using the Vayu Yoga Wheel. And you can go at your own pace and dedicate the time to it that you want. Try rolling on the wheel in the morning when you first get up, in the middle of the day on your overly long lunch break, before going to the gym, or even right before going to bed.

The Vayu Yoga Wheel has endless uses and here we’re just scratching the surface on all the possibilities of what you can do with the wheel. However, like we said before, taking the first step towards having a healthier spine is now as simple as trying the Vayu Yoga Wheel.…

27 de July 2015

Yoga Weeks: The first urban Yoga retreat centre in the heart of Barcelona

In the centre of the hippest European city, we have created a unique space to practice daily Yoga, retreat and yet enjoy the city, its culture, gastronomy and beaches.

When needing an escape, a holiday from work, a city break with a healthy twist and a Yoga fix this is the place.

Barcelona has become one of the most attractive cities in Europe with a very easy access from most European cities. Very affordable several daily flights from London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and so much more are landing here every day.

Yoga Weeks Barcelona is located in a nice and quiet street, yet minutes’ walk away from the central gothic neighbourhood, oldest food market (La Boqueria) and a 10 minute walk away to the beach of Barcelona.

This catalogued, modernistic building (from Gaudi´s movement) was built in 1890. The building and the space have conserved all its magical features and a smart distribution of the rooms allowing all of them to have access to outdoor spaces, such as internal patios or balconies.

Here we will be offering two hours daily morning Yoga in our indoor Yoga space, and on our roof top terrace, overlooking the city.

We have carefully chosen a team of qualified established international teachers. Classes will be taught in English, and styles will vary from Dynamic Vinyasa, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Yet each teacher will be bringing their own touch, experience, and influences.

Daily classes will be followed by a vegetarian brunch, and then free time! Options to either explore the city, enjoy the beach or just relax and be.

We will be offering extra optional activities such as paddle boarding, cycling, massages, alternative therapies and much more within the city and surroundings.

In the midst of this lively city we have created a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary, with all modern comfort. Allowing our guests to retreat in and out, practice Yoga whilst enjoying the world on our doorstep.

This project was born from a passion for Yoga and a balanced healthy lifestyle, with the desire to bring likeminded people together to share Yoga, explore, relax and have fun.

Contact and more information:

11 de February 2015

How to Choose the Best Yoga Mat

With so many types of yoga mats to choose from, it can be a little difficult to decide which is the best one for your practice and your pocket. The good news is that YogaYe has yoga mats for every person, every type of yoga and every occasion.

choose the best yoga mat

So let us help you choose the best yoga mat for you! First of all consider your priorities:

  • Are you a beginner and want good for value for your money right now?
  • Do you practice a “sweaty” style of yoga such as Ashtanga Vinyasa or Hot yoga?
  • Is the environment at the top of your list when selecting a yoga mat?
  • Do you need padding for your joints or prefer a harder and more table surface?
  • Are you looking for a yoga mat that is easy to carry around and even to travel with?
  • Do you practice every day and need a durable yoga mat?

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at our options.

THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY: the Bodhi Yoga Mat. This is a very good all-round sticky mat with reasonable grip. It is 4 mm thick and offers cushioning to protect your joins while still being light enough to be carried around. The ideal mat if you are new to yoga. It comes in five colours. Price: €13.90

bodhi yoga matFOR DURABILITY AND A GOOD GRIP: the Rishikesh Premium Yoga Mat. This mat will provide stability and safety during any demanding yoga style, as well as good cushioning with its 4.5 mm. It is made from PVC (tested for harmful substances) and is hand and machine washable. It comes in four colours with two handy elastic straps for easy keeping. Price: €19.90.

rishikesh yoga matWHEN TRAVELLING AND WHILE ON THE GO: the Kailash Yoga Mat. With similar characteristics to the Rishikesh mat, the Kailash is 3 mm thin, keeps you closer to the Earth and is easy to fold and pack. Price: €17.90.

kailash yoga matKIND ON THE ENVIRONMENT AND ON YOUR POCKET: the Salamantra Eco Yoga Mat. This is our new ecofriendly and economic yoga mat choice. Made in Spain from 100% natural latex, it is also 100% biodegradable. Its soft to the touch surface absorbs transpiration and provide excellent grip for “sweaty” yoga styles. Since both sides of the mat are identical, you can turn it around when one side is wet and keep going. Price: €39.90

salamantra eco yoga mat

THE “SUPERSTAR” OF YOGA MATS: the Jade Yoga Mat. Everything you ever wanted from a yoga mat! The Jade integrates the perfect balance between traction and cushion, it is made with ecofriendly materials and is available in standard, extra-long and travelling models. The best slip-resistant mat on the market is made with natural rubber in the US, and a tree is planted for each mat sold. Prices: from €69.90 to €79.90

jade yoga mat

FOR HOT YOGA: the Power Yoga Set. This set combines a Bodhi mat and a yoga mat micro-fibre towel with anti-slip silicone dots on one side. It comes in orange and green. Price: €39.90

Power Yoga SetPlease visit YOGAYE’S RANGE OF YOGA MATS for more details and other products like our 30m yoga mat rolls.

If you are still not sure which yoga mat would suit you best, just give us a call (Tel. 93 513 11 95) and we will be happy to help you find the best yoga mat for you.…

26 de September 2012

What is Pilates?

Pilates is every time a more popular exercise method through all Europe and United States. It’s the result of an eclectic combination of various disciplines such as Yoga and Martial Arts. But what is Pilates and what are the benefits?

Pilates, known also as Physical Mind method or Contrology, is a series of nonimpact exercises designed to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and inner awareness, without necessarily building bulk. Further into what is Pilates, it’s based on a series of controlled movements performed on specially designed apparatus or on the floor (mat work).

But to really understand what is Pilates, we should go back to its origins. Born in Germany in 1880, Joseph Pilates was a frail child with rickets, rheumatic fever and asthma. But he was determined to become stronger and so, he dedicated himself to building both his body and his mind through the combination of yoga practice, Martial Arts, bodybuilding and even ancient roman and greek exercises. His dedication and conditioning regime worked out: he became a strong gymnast, skier, boxer and diver.

As an answer to what is Pilates, the founder himself defined it as “The art and science of Body-Mind-Spirit development, through natural movements under strict conscience control”. As greeks defended, the real meaning of body and mind balance, in terms of a total physical health, is mental happiness combined with the goals the human achieves during is path through life. As Joseph Pilates also understood, the closer you are to physical perfection, the closer your mind will be to mental perfection. Pilates considers the body as a whole and works constantly with and for the mind. As a shorter answer to what is Pilates, it’s the body and mind training and control, achieving a total fitness aim.

To discover more thoroughly what is Pilates, let’s revise the 6 essential Pilates principles:
Centering: Physically bringing the focus to the center of the body, the powerhouse area between the lower ribs and pubic bone. Energetically, Pilates exercises are always sourced from center.
Concentration: If one brings full attention and commitment, maximum value will be obtained from each movement.
Control: no body part is left to its own devices. Mind controls the body and not the other way round.
Precision: in Pilates, awareness is sustained throughout each movement. There is an appropriate placement, alignment relative to other body parts, and trajectory for each part of the body.
Breathing: coordinating the exercises with the breath, Pilates uses the lungs strongly to pump the air fully in and out of the body.
Flow: the energy of an exercise connects all body parts and flows through the body in an even way.

There are over 500 exercises that were developed by Joseph Pilates. Once the basics are learnt from an instructor, it is possible to train at home, as many exercises can be performed on a mat. If you would like to complete your Pilates equipment, check our YogaYe store; we have available a high quality selection of Pilates clothing and mats with excellent grip and endurance that will provide you a better, happy and comfortable practice of Pilates.

Now you have a better idea about what is Pilates, the next step is, as just mentioned, to step into a Pilates session and discover it by yourself!…

29 de November 2011

Wellicious, the ideal clothing to practise Yoga and Pilates

When you choose the clothes you wear every day, you select them by quality, comfort and the ones that make you look pretty. So, why not feeling beautiful and comfortable at the same time whilst practising Yoga or Pilates? With Wellicious this issue is resolved.

Wellicious is a clothing brand for Yoga and Pilates and for comfortable and glamorous loungewear. Its fabrics are first class quality, they are eco-friendly and feminine, and as if this wouldn’t be enough yet, Wellicious surprises you every season with new designs for your Yoga and Pilates practise. Each piece of Wellicious is the perfect combination of a basic style with a elegant and sexy touch.

As there is so much choice, it could get hard to decide between long pants, ¾ pants, t-shirts, tops etc. Additionally, Wellicious treats every single piece as it is a jewel, giving it a special touch that makes it different from all others. But what makes Wellicious the perfect clothing brand is the fact that you can use every single piece during your Yoga and Pilates practise as well as casual street wear.

Take a look on the latest collection of wonderful Yoga and Pilates clothing.

Meanwhile, we are already working on the new Wellicious collection 2012, and if there is anything I can assure: you will be speechless by its beauty, quality and style.


17 de June 2011

Hari Tea, green tea for the soul

For thousands of years, every culture has a wise person in charge of extracting and blending the healing qualities of plants, herbs and spices. To find this wise people you had to go looking into the caves and mountains to reach them.

At present there is no need to travel long distances in their search, you can enjoy and benefit from their ancient treasures in your home.
Hari Tea is a line of organic teas made in old fashioned way, selecting herbs and spices by hand, wrapped in 100% pure cotton, so they can release their aroma.

Hari Tea infusions are grouped into four categories:

Mental: It helps to focus and streamline your mind, feeling relaxed and refreshed.
The mental teas are the Hari Tea Mindscape and the Hari Tea Persistence of Memory.

Spiritual: Connects you to your inner self and brings you closer to your heart.
The spiritual teas are the Hari Tea Within and Without, the Hari Tea Center Calm and the Hari Tea Inner Connection.

Creative: Activates your creativity and supports you to enjoy a full equilibrium.
The creative teas are the Hari Tea New Sensation and the Hari Tea Life in Balance.

Physical: Helps recover from heavy physical exertion, strengthening the body.
The physical teas are the Hari Tea Tummy in Harmony and the Hari Tea Inner Flow.

Within these four groups of tea infusions, you will find different combinations of herbs and spices specially designed for you.
Ginger, Green Tea and Turmeric are ingredients that are repeated in most of them, for their high level healing, delicious aroma and flavor.

Ginger has been used by the Chinese for over 2,500 years by applying it to various uses such as nausea, dizziness, digestive processes, respiratory conditions, colds, etc.

Green tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, behind only water.
In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used to relieve headaches, help eliminate toxins, to prolong youth, etc.

Turmeric is a plant that also has been used for some time in Asia for the treatment of various diseases such as gastrointestinal upset, arthritic pain and low power.

You can find Hari Tea at our Online Shop and start to benefit now with the wisdom from the past!


16 de May 2011

Our new store in Woki Gràcia/ Barcelona

We are very pleased to announce that now you can get our YogaYe products in the Bio supermarket Woki in Gràcia, Barcelona.
The Woki is an innovative and sustainable local cuisine, which fuses a take-out establishment with a bio supermarket with all kinds of organic products.
Woki’s specialty, as its name suggests, are their exquisite woks prepared with fresh and healthy products, and variety for all tastes, with the possibility of also eating there.

To celebrate our partnership with Woki, for every purchase you make on  YogaYe products you will receive a discount of 20% to try one of the delicious prepared Woks there (you mention it to the cashier).

Within Woki you can find a space for YogaYe products and while making your purchases for the week or taking a wok back from your yoga class, you can also see our products live and buy new stuff.
In the shop we present our full range of yoga mats, from the classical Bodhi to the most sophisticated Jade Yoga Travel 100% natural, with excellent grip, which is essential for practicing those positions that require greater stability and precision.
We have six different types of mats in a wide variety of colors, each designed for different needs, depending on your type of practice. Find yours!
We also have meditation cushions, covers for mats, cork blocks, yoga belts, towels, mats, eye pillows for a deeper relaxation and the exquisite Tea Hari.

And remember that you will have a 20% discount on woks with the purchase of any product in the Woki YogaYe. Take advantage of this offer!

The Woki is located in the Carrer Astúries 22, Barcelona, ​​and is open 365 days a year in time from 11h to 22h from Monday to Sunday.

Stay connected to our blog and meet the next news and updates about the world of Yoga. Because we also love Yoga so much like you.

I leave with a beautiful phrase  from David Beadle which says:
“If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”


10 de January 2011

Reaching for Samadhi—The Yogic Approach

Samadhi is the highest state of meditation, at which complete unity is reached.  It can be attained through many different paths, however, when we talk about the yogic meaning of the word, we are describing the transcendental state of enlightenment. In India if you say “he or she has attained Samadhi”, you generally mean that the person has passed away into the next life. In a sense, Samadhi is like that. You are deceased and detached from the ego, yet at the same time you are profoundly alive, conscious and connected to your true nature.

When I was studying Yogic meditation in India, my teacher would say to me “We will see our true nature only when we detach from the ego, when the “I” ceases to be.” What he meant was that when the ego or “I” dies, you are free from the ego and only then can you be conscious and truly alive.

At that stage of consciousness you are able to become one with the Universe, and to live the highest truth—this is the essence of Samadhi.

This is the goal of all spiritual and many philosophical teachings no matter what you decide to label yourself as: Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Existentialist or of any number of names. Even if you don’t have faith or believe in organized religion, it is not important because these beliefs are not needed realize your true nature.

All you need to see is that you are not your mind, the “I”, the observed, the ego! But where does the “I” dwell? It lives in the ego. Where does the ego reside? It manifests in the mind. In fact the ego is the very source of mind.

All the manifestations of the ego such as, thinking, feeling, emotion, sensation, form and willing can be grouped into one term—“mind.”  By purifying the mind using practices such as Yoga, the mind no longer becomes an impediment to discovering your inner truth. It becomes a perfect reflector of the self to see its own true nature or Samadhi.

On my travels I have discovered many ways to finding this truth from Meditation in Zen Buddhism, Chi-gung in Taoism, dancing meditation in Sufism and Christian mystic practices, however, I have found what works best for me is Yoga. It promises a holistic approach to finding inner truth that incorporates the entire spectrum of practice: diet, exercise, meditation, breathing and physiological and psychological self healing techniques.

Practicing Yoga is one of many paths for shedding the ego and discovering this inner truth, try it and you might discover it is also your path to Samadhi.…

4 de January 2011

Yoga Diet: Eat The Right Food To Nurture Your Spirit

Yoga Diet (Anna Yoga) is an essential aspect of your daily yoga practice and is one of the Five Principles of Yoga. In order to fully benefit from what Yoga has to offer, you need to nourish your mind and your body to keep you alert and energized throughout the day and attain emotional and spiritual balance by redefining your relationship with food.

In general, make sure to have a well-balanced diet, always eat in moderation and practice the Three Gunas, eat a proper organic diet, modify your diet patterns and fast.

The Three Gunas: According to Yogic Philosophy energy has three qualities which exist in balance, and once energy takes form, one quality of the three dominates. Therefore on a fruit tree, some fruits are ripe (sattvic), some are ripening (rajasic) and some are overripe (tamasic).

Eating Sattvic foods is the purest diet; It nourishes the body and calms and purifies the mind—leading to true health.

Eat a proper Organic Diet: Having an active lifestyle is not enough; a “proper diet” is also needed. Proper diet has different connotations for different people, but no matter what diet you’re into, make sure that your body gets the nutrients that it needs by eating organically based on the Three Gunas.

By going organic you will help save the environment and your digestive system will have an easier time processing your food.

Modify your diet patterns: To change your food patterns can be challenging, particularly if you are used to a specific diet for a long time. The transition to change your diet can be made easier with determination and knowledge.

Start by increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables—finally changing to a pure vegetarian diet for a stronger body and improved frame of mind.

Fasting: Fasting has been used for thousands of years as a way of cleansing and rejuvenating the body and allowing your digestive system to recover from abuse and to get rid of bodily toxins.

Start with a single-day water fast, a fruit juice fast or a vegetable juice fast, however, only after three days of fasting will you see the most benefits: increased mental and physical energy, enhanced concentration and an enrichment of the senses. It’s important that when you break the fast, it is done in the evening, with fruit, to allow the food to digest while you sleep at night.
By following these recommendations in conjunction with proper yoga practice, you will nourish your body and nurture your spirit with the Yoga Diet.…

15 de October 2010

Creating a Space for Yoga at Home

Enjoying the solace and protection of practising Yoga in a studio, under the ennobled care of a teacher, can become a sanctuary which a lot of us discover can be difficult to leave behind. Going to the studio is often the equivalent of walking into a castle monastery and not having to worry that its gates will be breached. This safety net gives you the freedom to concentrate on your inner development and to explore that space within yourself where you experience the tranquillity and balance of yoga.
However, the greatest roadblock to home practise is creating a space and fashioning it into a motivational centre for your psycho-somatic connection. You imagine the studio you have come to enjoy and attempt to recreate an identical fantasy studio within your home. However, when the reality of your existing home space gives way to the illusionary home space you have created in your mind, you sometimes allow your shattered hopes and dreams, for the perfect yoga space, to reverse the many benefits that home practise should bring you. Overcoming this destructive perception compels you to focus on what yoga does for you; yoga offers a gift of sustenance for the body, mind and spirit.

The connection to this personal empowerment takes place on the mat between yourself and the surface upon which you practise. When your focal point is on the present and not the process, it serves you to search for the advantage of practising in seclusion.
Home practise delivers benefits that merit reflection and action. Yoga becomes a part of the day which you look forward to. The continual advancement you experience takes you on an inner journey away from your external responsibilities and helps you to disconnect and realign yourself with your internal presence. Practising at home doesn’t require transport or punctuality. You are able to adopt your own routine, maintain your favourite poses a bit longer, adapt the temperature to fit your own body and spend as little or as long practising as you want.

You are able to participate more often and at the time of day that fits your biology and other commitments. You can try ambitious postures and repeat sequences that provide YOU with an energy boost. You can experience your own deep internal focus and expand your consciousness in a more personal style without being influenced by those around you. You can react to those invariable shifts in your body, mind and spirit when they develop and as you’re able to accept them.
Shifts in the mental and spiritual sphere are an internal process whereas the body, although internally connected, can be further enhanced by using external aids. To get the best out of our practise there are tools that can help you flex, stretch, reach and raise the level of your practise further than you could do on your own–yoga props! However, the first thing that comes to mind is, what sort of equipment should you use to practise within your own space?

Yoga doesn’t require much gear, however, there are a few props that will serve you in your practise by providing support and promoting correct alignment. Here is a short list of the items that I use in my home practise.
•    A sticky yoga mat offers a non-slip surface which is rather useful in certain poses where your feet could slide away. It also affords you some cushioning.

•    Yoga cushions such as a meditation Zafu are extremely useful in recuperative poses. They can be used to support your back and open your chest.

•    Yoga blocks enable you to shift into certain poses much easier by lending you a bit of height, as a result bringing the floor closer to you.

•     Yoga Straps can aid you in deepening your pose, and are very useful for bound poses when your hands don’t reach each other or for poses where you need to hold onto your feet but can’t reach them.

•    Blankets are used to sit on, to render support and to allow for a little added height in seated postures. They are also great to keep you warm and comfy during relaxation.

A home practise, with the right equipment, can bring you a huge array of benefits, however, combining this with a great teacher to guide you along the way is always recommended. Creating that perfect space will help you to build a yoga practise that is distinctly you and from which you are able to easily answer the unique demands of your body and mind on a particular day.

Whether you’re feeling tension, the first signs of the flu, sore muscles or a need to experience the immaculate pleasure of yoga, practising at home is your personal yoga, not anyone else’s. Find your space, embrace your spirit and enjoy the private conscious presence your yoga practice will bring you.…

10 de August 2010

The shop opening is getting closer!

Today is an exciting day for us – our first products have arrived!
We selected the products carefully to provide you the best support for your yoga practise and we hope you will love the products as much as we do.
So stay tuned, we will launch in few weeks.

The YogaYe team…

14 de July 2010

Krishna Das – live in Barcelona

Casa del Tibet Barcelona, 13.07.2010

Yesterday I have been for the first time in my life at a Kirtan workshop  with Krishna Das. For those who are new to this genre, Kirtan is call-and-response chanting with a leader chanting and the audience responding with a musical background of tablas, cymbals or violin. I love Indian music, the voice of the sitar, the sound and the rhythm of tablas. I also like to listen to chants and therefore I was curious about participating a live Kirtan.

It was an unforgettable and brilliant experience that touched me profoundly. For that  reason  I highly recommend to you to join such an event.  It was a very cosy atmosphere and a real honour to have Krishna Das within our grasp, compared with e.g. a Kirtan where he chanted in front of 12.000 people in Brazil.

We started with Kirtan chanting. After that the audience had the opportunity to ask Krishna Das questions and so he told us about his spiritual path and shared his experience with his Guru Neem Karoli Baba. All in all, the Kirtan workshop was an excellent mixture of chants and talks.

That evening everything had a positive effect on me and the atmosphere was full of energy surrounded by the smell of incense sticks, the light in the concert room, the thousand of golden Tibetan buddhas on the wall, the people and last but no least – Krishna Das with his wonderful and calming voice… and so much more, which I can’t express with words. I promise – the next chanting workshop I’m in again…