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Yoga Set "YogaYe"

Yoga Set "YogaYe"

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SKU: SA005

Glide through your daily yoga practise with balance and comfort with our yoga set in "YogaYe" colours suitable for all sitting techniques. This yoga set contains our Crescent Zafu "YogaYe" and the green 4,5 mm professional Rishikesh mat that will bring you down to earth.


Our yoga set "YogaYe" is perfect for all your asanas (poses) and to deepen your Yoga experience. This hand-picked set consists of the premium 4,5 mm green Rishikesh mat and our favourite Crescent Zafu "YogaYe". The Rishikesh yoga mat will help you improve balance and co-ordination, enabling greater stability when adopting any number of yoga asanas. Perfect for slow asanas or faster paced poses this comfortable and durable mat is as good as it gets.

The “YogaYe” Crescent Cushion assures you a superior quality and the best comfort in your yoga practice. This meditation cushion provides you with the perfect stability so you can sit and maintain your column firm and straight in the most comfortable way. The padding is 100% spelt material and it has two covers, both removable, so you can easily wash the outer turquoise one and adjust the spelt quantity thanks to the inner one. The Crescent Zafu "YogaYe" also has a handy loop to carry it easily around.

Enhance your relaxation, gain optimum support and glide on your inner journey today on the yoga set "YogaYe". Save 9,90 € with the "YogaYe" set.

Color Green

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