Our meditation cushions have been selected because of their high-quality and comfort. The range includes a variety of shapes and sizes to give you the support you require when sitting for long periods of time.

Basic Round Zafu


We selected this basic model of our round zafu because of its high quality and comfort. Your Yoga and meditation practise will be a real experience with this zafu. Thanks to its carrying strap, the zafu is easy to lift up and carry to your Yoga or meditation class.

Size: 30 cm diameter
Thickness: 13 cm
Weight: 2,5 kg
Filling: 100% spelt hull

Classic Round Zafu


Your classic comfort partner! Easy on the knees and ankles, the Zafu makes sitting a pleasure and your meditation an experience.

Our classic round Zafu meditation cushions are hand-made in Germany and have been carefully selected because of their superior-quality and the support they offer.

Size: 35 cm diameter
Thickness: 16 cm
Weight: 1,6 kg

Yoga and Pilates Bolster


The bolsters provide you with stability and comfort during your Yoga and Pilates class. These comfortable pillows are especially recommended for pregnant women as they provide a great support during Yoga and Pilates session. In general, the bolsters are perfect for all relaxing and stretching asanas (postures).

Size: 23 cm diameter
Length: 65 cm
Weight: 2,5 kg
Filling: 100% spelt hull

Crescent Zafu "YogaYe" Crescent Zafu "YogaYe"

Crescent Zafu "YogaYe"

Regular Price: €39.90

Special Price €37.90

Our Crescent Zafu “YogaYe” is a half-moon shaped cushion that provides comfort and support to the thighs, while keeping your column straight.

Size: 40 cm lenth x 14 cm width x 16 cm height
Wight: 1 kg
Padding: 100% spelt
Cover material (both removable) 100% cotton

Crescent Zafu "Velveton"


Our Crescent cushion: your ultimate comfort partner!

This meditation cushion makes cross-legged sitting a breeze for the knees and ankles while giving you extra space for your heels. It also comes with a handy loop to carry it easily around.

Size: 40 cm length x 24 cm width x 15 cm height
Weight: 1,5 kg

Zafu "Flower of Life"


This zafu is a real pleasure! The round zafu "Flower of Life" provides stability and support during Yoga or meditation and its beautiful embroidered design makes it a very special zafu. It is perfect for your knees and ankles during sitting meditation and helps to enjoy a deeper and more relaxed meditation.

Size: 30 cm diameter
Thickness: 13 cm
Weight: 2,5 kg
Filling: 100% spelt hull

Yoga Set "YogaYe"

Yoga Set "YogaYe"

Regular Price: €59.80

Special Price €49.80

Glide through your daily yoga practise with balance and comfort with our yoga set in "YogaYe" colours suitable for all sitting techniques. This yoga set contains our Crescent Zafu "YogaYe" and the green 4,5 mm professional Rishikesh mat that will bring you down to earth.

Yoga Set "Nature Deluxe" Yoga Set "Nature Deluxe"

Yoga Set "Nature Deluxe"

Regular Price: €102.20

Special Price €89.90

The ultimate in natural beauty the “Nature Deluxe” yoga set is a pleasure to behold, and earthy enough to ground your meditation and yoga experience. Created in natural colours and materials this yoga set comes with: Samurai mat, white crescent cushion, cork brick and a white yoga belt.
Zabuton Zabuton


Zabuton para meditar. 80 x 80 cm Grosor: 7 cm