We have selected for you a variety of the most popular incenses from India and the most exclusive Japanese incenses. These incenses aromatise your day with its wonderful aroma and help you to relax - not only during your yoga or meditation class.

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Nag Champa Incense

The most popular incense
1,50 €

Goloka Nag Champa Incenses

The classical ones from India
1,50 €

Super Hit Incense

Persistance in the atmosphere
1,50 €

Nag Champa Incense, Box of 12 packs

Perfect for yoga centers
14,95 €

Goloka Nag Champa Incenses, Box of 12 packs

Perfect for yoga classes
14,95 €

Super Hit Incenses - Box of 12 packs

Deep relaxation
14,95 €

Campanas Tingshas

Elévate con el sonido
14,90 €