Yoga Gifts

If you are looking for a nice Yoga gift for a friend, there are some wonderful ideas here to choose from. YogaYe offers a wide range of personally tested and selected Yoga and Meditation products.
Esterilla YogaYe Pro Mat - 4,5 mm (Rishikesh)

Esterilla YogaYe Pro Mat - 4,5 mm (Rishikesh)

Regular Price: €19.90

Special Price €18.50

Si estás buscando una esterilla antideslizante, duradera y de buena calidad, la YogaYe Pro Mat es la elección perfecta. Es la esterilla que estudios y profesores de Yoga recomiendan desde hace muchos años por su alto rendimiento.

Ideal para todo tipo de Yoga y Pilates, sus 4,5 mm de grosor proporcionan confort y buena amortiguación.

Tamaño: 183 cm x 60 cm
Grosor: 4,5 mm
Peso: 1,6 kg

Antes se llamaba esterilla de yoga Rishikesh.

Yoga Mat Towel Premium

The Yoga mat towel has become extremely popular for yoga practitioners who use it as an addition to their regular yoga mat as it improves grip and gives added absorbency. This is most appreciated for styles of yoga which produce more sweat than usual such as Bikram and Ashtanga yoga. Size: 183 cm x 61 cm Weight: 0,5 kg

Classic Round Zafu


Your classic comfort partner! Easy on the knees and ankles, the Zafu makes sitting a pleasure and your meditation an experience.

Our classic round Zafu meditation cushions are hand-made in Germany and have been carefully selected because of their superior-quality and the support they offer.

Size: 35 cm diameter
Thickness: 16 cm
Weight: 1,6 kg

Árnes para esterilla de yoga

Árnes para transportar tu esterilla de yoga de manera fácil y ligera.

Yoga Mat EcoPro - 4mm caucho natural


La yoga mat EcoPro es una opción ecológica y económica. Una esterilla de yoga ECO de alta calidad, resistente, con tacto suave y con muy buen agarre. Recomendada para tipos de yoga intensos.

Material : 100% Látex (caucho) natural
Tamaño: 185 cm x 60 cm
Espesor: 4 mm
Peso: aprox. 1,6 kg
Fabricada en España.

Esterilla de yoga "Leela" Yantra - Verde

Esta esterilla con diseño alegre trae color a tu practica! Esterilla de diseño con un bonito Yantra y lineas de alineación. Tamaño: 183 cm x 60 cm Espesor: 4 mm Peso: 1,1 kg
Yoga Set "Green Power"

Yoga Set "Green Power"

Regular Price: €43.80

Special Price €38.70

Flow seamlessly through your favourite yoga asanas (poses) without breaking a sweat with our “Green Power” yoga set. This verdant green set includes: the green Bodhi yoga mat and a green towel - solid and comfy, all you need for your yoga practise in green.