Yoga Gifts

If you are looking for a nice Yoga gift for a friend, there are some wonderful ideas here to choose from. YogaYe offers a wide range of personally tested and selected Yoga and Meditation products.
Botella para agua o té ZOTO

Botella para agua o té ZOTO

Botella ZOTO Yoga Design Lab’s top rated yoga bottle is back and designed for even better performance. Premium, eco-friendly, double-walled stainless steel, BPA free. Tea and Fresh Fruit infuser filter included! Perfect and easy for your favorite loose leaf tea or adding fresh fruit flavor to your water.

Yoga Cards - 3a edición


Is a deck of cards in which the Asanas (yoga poses) on one side, and the benefits and contraindications on the other. In addition, it comes with an Appendix of Healing Asanas for curing various illnesses and ailments, based on the experiences of Master BKS Iyengar.

Content: 60 Asana`s Cards + Appendix of Healing Asanas (bilingue - Spanish and English)
Size: 11,5 x 9 x 2 cm
Weight: 210 gr

EduYoga - Juego de Yoga


EduYoga consta de 27 cartas con una presentación muy cuidada.

Las 20 cartas son de posturas de Yoga relacionadas con animales o elementos de la naturaleza.

EduYoga está también disponible en catalán.

EduIoga - Joc de Ioga


El joc de ioga per a nens. Jugant aprenenc a observar i a somriure, aprenc a estimar i a viure.

Joc per a les edats compreses entre 3 i 99 anys. Per a 2 a 8 jugadors.
Contingut: 27 cartes en total: 20 cartes de postures de ioga més 4 cartes de respiracions més 2 cartes de contes més 1 carta amb les regles del joc de ioga. 

També en castellà.

Campanas Tingshas

Each pair of exquisite Tingsha meditation bells are a traditional handicraft of Nepal and made from natural bronze and leather straps by Buddhist monks from Bhaktapur. All products are made by Mahaguthi, "Craft with a Conscience", a fair trade organization that produces, markets and handicrafts exports from Bhaktapur in Nepal.

Pulsera de Sándalo


Pulsera de madera de sándalo con borla decorativa en rosa, importada de Rishikesh.

  • hilo elástico
  • diámetro de las perlas aprox. 7 mm
  • 27 perlas

Pulsera madera de Rosal


Pulsera de madera de rosal con borla decorativa en rojo, importada de Rishikesh.

También disponible en madera de Sándalo.

Japa Mala de Sándalo


Japa mala de madera de sándalo, importado de Rishikesh, para tu práctica de meditación o como collar moderno.

También disponible en madera de rosal.

Japa Mala de Rosal


Japa mala de madera de rosal, importado de Rishikesh, para tu practica de meditación o como collar moderno.

También disponible en madera de Sándalo.

Yoga Set "Yoga Basics"

Yoga Set "Yoga Basics"

Regular Price: €32.70

Special Price €29.90

Everything you need to enhance your Yoga practise, with comfort and style, can be found in the yoga set “Yoga Basics” for beginners and advanced Yogis. This matching set consists of a Bodhi Yoga mat blue, Brick blue and yoga belt white. Everything you need to take you to the next level of your yoga practise.
Yoga Set "Nature Deluxe"

Yoga Set "Nature Deluxe"

Regular Price: €102.20

Special Price €89.90

The ultimate in natural beauty the “Nature Deluxe” yoga set is a pleasure to behold, and earthy enough to ground your meditation and yoga experience. Created in natural colours and materials this yoga set comes with: Samurai mat, white crescent cushion, cork brick and a white yoga belt.